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You're here because you've made a Bad Decision. We don't mean you killed someone, robbed a bank, or burned down an orphanage (although if you did, there's probably a community for you too). We mean you made a Bad Decision about the Bad Thing.

We mean sex.

For whatever reason -- emotional, physical, deeply rooted psychological -- you did something you probably shouldn't have with someone you probably shouldn't have. Now you've got this story to tell, this horrible "did I really DO that?" eating away at you from the inside, and this is the place to let it out.

Share with us your tales of embarrassingly inappropriate sex. We're screening you, don't worry; this isn't going to get read by some leering, drooling, prematurely-balding guy with a beer belly. We're not here to leer. We're not here to judge, either. We're just here to share.

What's the catch, you ask? Here it is. That bad decision, that awful judgement call you made, it had one thing in common with all the rest. That thing is: THE NUMBER 5.

Had you known him five years? Five months? Five days? Did the entire encounter, from start to finish, last a total of five hours? Were there five guys involved? Two or more of the above, or something else entirely?

We know that the number 5 keeps cropping up in your unfortunate sex life. You tell us how.